The Pantheon

All deities (except Veux on occasion) acknowledge that some things are out of their scope. Therefore, it is very rare for followers of a certain deity to be punished for seeking assistance from another.

Death and the Afterlife

When someone dies, their spirit goes to Qel (if they die during the day) or Qenth (if they die during the night). There, Qel or Qenth will take on the appearance race or species of the deceased, modified by gold or emerald color, respectively. The spirit will wait with Qel or Qenth until the day or night shift ends, when it will be claimed by its god/goddess (if deemed worthy by the god/goddess in question). If Qel or Qenth is the spirit’s deity and it is deemed worthy, it will be escorted to the proper afterlife. If the spirit is not claimed by any deity, it is sent to a kind of no-man’s land, where spirits wander miserably.

The Creators

Atris – The Mother
Secrothis – The Devourer

Major Deities

Qenth – God of the Moon, Death, Night, Chaos, Trickery, Fall, and Winter.
Qel – God of the Sun, Death, Day, Order, Light, Spring, and Summer.
Lysaaq – God of Fire, Blood, Fury, Heat, Passion, Sex, and Wrath.
Nawth – God of Earth, Gems, Minerals, Strength, Sleep, Chemistry, and the Geosciences.
Gaish – God of Air, Clouds, Envy, Freedom, Greed, Secrecy, and Selfishness.
Suax – God of Storms, Electricity, Destruction, Weather, Lightning, Thunder, and Wind.
Zedin – Goddess of Water, Calm, Cold, Flexibility, Resolve, and Selflessness.
Iuxgadiux – God of Intelligence, Engineering, Research, Science, Technology, Physics, and Blacksmiths.
Suhi – God of Animals, Crops, Fertility, Fruits, Harvest, Healing, and Protection.
Veux – God of Pain, Hatred, Apathy, Disease, Torture, Pride, and Waste.
Lidu – God of Happiness, Luck, Peace, Balance, Friendship, Grace, and Pleasure.
Wasanga – God of Drama, Beauty, Dance, Gluttony, Music, Visual Arts, and Fine Food and Drink.
Zennuan – God of Honor, Duty, Glory, Family, Battle, Hunting, and War.
Zilyga – Goddess of Magic, Superstition, Fate, Divination, and Monsters.

The Pantheon

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